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    How we work

    We always approach legal issues with your perspective in mind. We seek creative solutions and synergies on the basis of your strategic and tactical business needs. The sooner we come into process, the greater are our opportunities to identify, and create added value for you. 
    Ethical, high-quality legal solutions are typical of Wistrand and naturally, we maintain strict confidentiality. 
    Today's dynamic world of business is a driving force in our competence development. Being able to identify market trends nationally and internationally has high priority in both our internal and external networks. 
    Our view of cooperation is equally important. We are easy to cooperate with and we always strive to find cost effective solutions which clearly add value.

    General terms and conditions
    Our services are subject to General Terms and Conditions. Any engagement initiated on 1 mars 2016 or later is subject to the terms and conditions below.
    Download the General Terms and Conditions here:
    English version

    The Consumer Disputes Board
    If you are a consumer, you can address complaints to the Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Disputes Board in order to have disputes relating to legal services that we have provided tried. For further information, please visit: www.advokatsamfundet.se/konsumenttvistnamnden.



    Meet our lawyers

    "Globalisation and Europeanisation mean that the business world and the legal playing field are undergoing rapid development. It also means that the role of the lawyer is changing and we are moving more and more to providing tailored advice to create commercial opportunities. For each assignment, Wistrand will put together a committed and specialised team which works together with the client to identify powerful legal solutions.

    Clients also benefit from co-operation and know-how which

    transcend office and national borders. With in-depth

    specialist knowledge, broad industry expertise,

    commitment and loyalty we are driven to solve

    the most challenging legal questions on the market."



    Lars Hasp

    Partner, M&A

    "At Wistrand we strive for clarity and simplicity in our legal advice. It is important for us that the client feels welcome to discuss issues and to contribute with their own views.


    When working on wind-power projects, for example, we increasingly use law as a strategic instrument spanning several areas. Frequently one of us with specialist skills in environmental and energy law will assume a project management role and co-operate with colleagues with expertise in, for example, financing and corporate issues.

    For me, it is natural to be curious about, and interested in,
    the client’s business. As a frequent speaker and

    participant at various seminars I can establish strong

    contacts in different industry sectors. Everything we

    do must benefit the client. It is also important to put

    together tailored project groups for each assignment.

    Business value arises out of the interaction of people."


    Tove Andersson
    Partner, Environment & Energy

    Breadth of experience. Depth of knowledge

    Our specialist know-how provides us with a comprehensive foundation for all our commercial law advice.
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