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    There are many ways of investing in, buying or selling a company. Each has its own pros and cons and it is important to consider them carefully before choosing. We put complex issues in a clear, direct and comprehensible way in order to help you reach a decision. 
    Getting to know the target and industry sector is of great importance to us. The due dili-gence process is a common way of doing this. It can be difficult to determine the scope of a due diligence. Much will depend on balancing the risk you are prepared to take with the cost of the due diligence process itself. Our experience shows that a limited due diligence followed by on-going checks and controls plus an in-depth review in vulnerable areas is usually most cost-effective.


    Jan Alexanderson, Partner, Stockholm
    Nils Alpman, Partner, Stockholm
    Charles Arbro, Partner, Stockholm
    Tobias Bengtsson, Partner, Göteborg
    Gunnar Blomberg, Partner, Stockholm
    Mattias Boqvist, Partner, Göteborg
    Per Dalemo, Partner, Göteborg
    Jörgen Eklund, Partner, Stockholm
    Lennart Ernstson, Partner, Stockholm
    Magnus Forssman, Partner, Stockholm
    Tommy Grönberg, Partner, Stockholm
    Lars Hasp, Partner, Stockholm
    Erik Hygrell, Partner, Stockholm
    Denis Ilecic, Associate, Stockholm
    Robert Kullgren, Partner, Stockholm
    Niklas Larsson, Partner, Stockholm
    Peter Lexenberg, Partner, Stockholm
    Tommy Lundqvist, Partner, Stockholm
    Vilhelm Nyström, Partner, Göteborg
    Joacim Öberg, Partner, Göteborg
    Sascha Schaeferdiek, Partner, Stockholm
    Nils Sköld, Partner, Stockholm
    Martin Wedén, Managing Partner, Göteborg
    Others in the group:
    Björn Agrell, Senior Advisor, Göteborg
    Vandad Ahmedi, Associate, Stockholm
    Henrik Aurelius, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Mathilda Blom, Associate, Göteborg
    Martina Blomberg, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Caroline Dunersjö, Associate, Stockholm
    Malin Ek, Associate, Göteborg
    Johan Elowsson, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Sara Fager Hultqvist, Senior Associate, Göteborg
    Ulf Forsman, Counsel, Stockholm
    Anne Geismar, Associate/Rechtsanwältin, Stockholm
    Hendrik Kangasmuukko, Senior Associate, Göteborg
    Amy Lindquist, Associate, Göteborg
    Johanna Müller, Associate/Rechtsanwältin, Stockholm
    Henrik Nordling, Associate, Göteborg
    Louise Rodebjer, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Tove Rosén Johansson, Senior Associate, Göteborg
    Henrik Saalman, Senior Associate, Göteborg
    Elisabeth Salmgren von Schantz, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Anna Sönnerberg , Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Ólafur Steindórsson, Senior Associate, Stockholm
    Daniel Strand, Associate, Stockholm
    Tobias Svadling, Associate, Göteborg
    Matthias von Lempruch, Senior Advisor, Göteborg
    Johannes Wårdman, Senior Associate, Göteborg

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