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    Are You Our Next Startup Star 2017?

    Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world. Lots of great entrepreneurs are investing in their business every year but not all of them succeed. Studies have shown that one of the greatest obstacles for new entrepreneurs is the administrative burden; simply keeping track of laws and taxes. To provide help on the way, Wistrand Advokatbyrå and SEB have during 6 years, partnered up to connect entrepreneurs and award winning startups with prizes that will help boost their capabilities to become successful entrepreneurs.

    Do you want to take part in Wistrand Startup Star 2017 and put your business idea to the test?

    Keep an eye on this site as more details about the competition and the Wistrand Startup Star Day i April will follow shortly.

    Our Previous Stars are:

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    2015 – EdQu Read more about EdQu here

    2014 – Deo Doc Read more about DeoDoc here

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    2012 – Dramatify Read more about Dramatify here




    Wistrand Startup Star was launched in 2012 by Wistrand Law Firm. The first year, partners were CONNECT Östra Sverige and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. SEB joined the partner team in 2013 and in 2014 Hyper Island was added to the partner team as well.

    The jury

    Magnus Forssman
    , Partner, Wistrand

    Mikael Sjögren, Business Advisor, SEB

    Jonas Hombert, co-founder, JayCut

    Mona Cohen, Partner, New Business Angels

    Johan Siwers, General Partner, Recapex and

    Chairman, IAB



    The prizes will be be presented shortly.


    The idea should of course be your own and nobody else's.

    You own or have the right to use all intellectual property rights associated with the idea.

    You must hold an F-tax.



    The idea is unique or it is an existing idea that is used in a new context?

    In what way solves the idea a problem or fill a need?

    Market Potential
    The idea has a good potential to succeed in the market?