News 1 December 2023

Empowering COP28 with Comprehensive Legal Support

We know that sustainability is not just a legal issue but we believe that sustainability needs a legal framework to bring about change. We are encouraged that politicians, governments and intergovernmental organizations have recognized the importance of the law as a lever to make sustainable business the norm. We support the legalization of sustainability because we know, understand and believe in the power of law.

We are proud to see that CMS has been designated as a legal advisor for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), hosted by the UAE from November 30th to December 12th.

CMS will deliver broad-ranging legal pro bono support for COP28, covering sustainable finance, data protection and security, trademark registration, brand protection, reputation management, event-related advice, UN-related partnerships, intergovernmental collaborations, technology platforms for start-ups, and relevant agreements with global tech companies.

The initiative is led by Dr. Döne Yalçın, Partner and key member of the global CMS Sustainability and ESG leadership team. She is supported by Munir Hassan, Partner and Head of the CMS Energy & Climate Change Group and more than 160 CMS colleagues from around the world. The project will be strengthened by collaboration with stakeholders across the firm to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach.

This achievement marks a noteworthy environmental milestone for the firm, reaffirming CMS’s steadfast commitment to climate action. As demonstrated by CMS’s engagement with the UN Global Compact, we actively contribute to the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative. CMS dedication extends across four pivotal areas: environment, human rights, labor, and anti-corruption.

CMS prioritizes climate action, as evidenced by our establishment of ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions. We firmly believe that a successful transition to a more sustainable future requires thoughtful regulation, recognizing the integral role it plays in fostering meaningful change.

Aligned with this commitment, the Paris Agreement sets a goal of reducing global emissions by 50% by 2030. As we approach the six-year mark, the gathering of government representatives, policymakers, NGOs, citizens, and businesses at COP28 becomes crucial for assessing progress and developing plans to achieve this objective. Immediate and collaborative efforts spanning both public and private sectors are essential to achieve these ambitious targets.

Empowering governments and businesses to fulfill their responsibilities and enhance their capacity for impactful change at scale, we are committed to building a better working world—one that is future-facing, sustainable, and inclusive.

Dr. Döne Yalçın, Managing Partner, International Co-head of ESG and Sustainability

It is a privilege and honor for us to have been selected as a provider of legal services for COP28. This appointment is a testament to our commitment to embed sustainability into our DNA. We are excited to support an event that has the potential to create positive global change in addressing the climate crisis. Our approach aligns seamlessly with ‘Unite, Act, Deliver’ and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to advancing global sustainability efforts.

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