Restructuring & Insolvency

What measures need to be taken if a company is financially distressed? What responsibility do you have as an owner or member of the board in such a situation? And what rights do you have as a creditor or debtor in a bankruptcy?

Wistrand has a long tradition of working with restructuring and insolvency, and we have worked on a number of the largest and most high-profile bankruptcies in Sweden. We are one of the few leading law firms in Sweden offering a prominent level of expertise in both traditional insolvency work, corporate reorganizations and bankruptcies, as well as representing companies and banks in complex financial restructuring.

We are ranked internationally as one of Sweden’s leading law firms in insolvency law, and we have significant experience in managing reorganizations and insolvency in all sectors. We continually work on assignments regarding financial restructuring, corporate reorganizations, bankruptcies, liquidations as well as private compositions with creditors.

In addition, our practice advises creditors who wish to protect their interests in respect of companies in financial distress, and we represent creditors in formal insolvency proceedings and insolvency-related disputes. Furthermore, we provide advice regarding personal liability for senior management and owners.

We provide advice in areas such as:
  • Preventive analyzes and measures
  • Financial restructuring
  • Capital injections and refinancing
  • Financings, acquisitions and disposals during recession
  • Notification requirements, and applications for bankruptcy or reorganization
  • Liquidation of solvent companies
  • Priority rights and security interests
  • Creditors and owners’ rights in formal insolvency proceedings
  • Personal liability for shareholders and members of the board
  • Disputes and procedural issues regarding matters such as the recovery of assets