Shipping & Transportation

What should be taken into consideration when selling or purchasing a ship? How do you safeguard your interests with charter and other maritime and transport-related agreements? In what situations are you entitled to a right of lien in respect of cargo or freight?

Logistics, distribution och transport are fundamental issues for many companies. Considerable volumes and value are at stake for cargo and freight owners and the carriers. Therefore, it is crucial to navigate complex regulations to ensure that an optimum outcome is achieved, and no errors are made.

Wistrand has substantial experience regarding legal issues in the transportation sector. We represent shipping companies, cargo and freight owners, carriers, transportation and forwarding agents, airlines, P & I clubs and other insurers. We provide a range of advice on all issues covering maritime, aviation and transport law. In addition, we advise on the financing of vessels including the drafting and review of loan and security documentation.

We provide advice in areas such as:
  • Contracts regarding shipping, forwarding agents and logistics
  • The financing of vessels and security agreements
  • Charter parties and ship leasing agreements
  • Insurance
  • Transport liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Registration, sale and purchase of vessels
  • Maritime and transport-related disputes