Sports, Entertainment & Gaming

Do you need a business lawyer as a sparring partner? Are you to apply for a license for online gaming? What rules apply to the marketing of your event and the handling of ticket sales?

Wistrand assists with corporate issues in the sports, entertainment and gaming markets regarding the protection of rights, handling contracts for the commercialization of such rights, legal requirements and other regulatory issues, as well as assisting in disputes. Our clients include sports organizations, athletes, artists, record companies, music studios, distributors, publishers, theaters, gaming companies, managers and sector-orientated organizations.

We provide advice with regard to all types of contracts used within the different industries, including artist agreements, publishing, licensing and royalties, collaboration agreements, management agreements, producer agreements, sponsorship agreements, advertising/merchandising and concert agreements.

We provide advice in areas such as:
  • Contract management
  • Media Rights
  • Assignment of rights
  • Legal issues linked to sports activities and events
  • Betting and lottery laws, and gaming licenses
  • Company formation and company/shareholder agreements
  • Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property issues
  • Marketing law
  • Personal data issues
  • Competition law
  • Permits and other regulatory issues
  • Tax
  • Dispute resolution