Do you need help with establishing a tax-optimized company ownership structure? How can owners’ profits be optimized within a legal framework? What tax-related issues should be considered in respect of a transaction?

Wistrand’s tax group is one of the largest among Swedish law firms and assists companies and their owners with all types of tax issues arising from their business, from ongoing tax advice to tax litigation.

Our tax advice covers corporate transactions, finance, real estate transactions and restructuring. We regularly assist in establishing corporate structures, incentive programs, plans for family succession etc.

In addition, we have an international focus on tax law and our advice include cross-border M&A transactions and investments, transfer pricing as well as forming Swedish subsidiaries for international groups.

We assist clients in tax litigation concerning administrative law i.e. tax decisions, tax audits, and as counsel in state tax investigations. We provide advice from the first contact in connection with a tax review to a potential court trial.

We provide advice in areas such as:
  • General tax matters
  • Reorganization and structuring issues
  • Company formation, and formation of Swedish and foreign subsidiaries
  • M&A transactions and investments
  • Property Transactions
  • Family succession issues
  • Cross-border investment and collaboration
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax issues concerning finance solutions
  • Incentive schemes
  • Tax audits
  • Tax litigation and preliminary decisions