News 18 March 2013

The 2013 Joakim Dungel Lectures in International Justice

In 2012, a seminar was organized in memory of Joakim Dungel, a Swedish lawyer specializing in humanitarian law and human rights. On 1 April 2011, Joakim Dungel was killed in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, where he was working as a human rights legal officer for the United Nations. This year’s seminar, with lectures by among others Judge Wolfgang Schomburg, honorary and teaching Professor at Durham University, attracted nearly 90 visitors.

Joakim Dungel, an alumnus of Gothenburg University (Jur. Kand. ’04) and New York University (LL.M. ’07), specialized in humanitarian law and human rights. In Joakim’s brief existence, he blazed the trails of international justice, working for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

In memory of Joakim, his family and friends have, together with Gothenburg University, instituted the annual Joakim Dungel Lectures in International Justice, gathering speakers from all over the world. This year’s seminar, held on March 7, attracted nearly 90 people.

Invited speakers were Niki Ganz, Political Affairs Officer for the Middle East and Western Asia Division, United Nations Department of Political Affairs in New York, Ola Engdahl, Associate Professor in International Law with the Swedish National Defence College, and Judge Wolfgang Schomburg, honorary and teaching Professor at Durham University, who in 2001 was elected by the General Assembly of the UN to join the ad hoc Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

– When we first initiated the seminar in 2012, we hoped that it would help future discussions on human rights. We were amazed to see all the response we got from people around the world, says Joakim’s sister Emilia Dungel.

Andreas Moberg, lecturer, International Law, Gothenburg University has been involved since the seminar was first initiated.

– Through this seminar, we wish to bring academia and practical experience on central humanitarian law closer to each other, says Andreas Moberg.

The Association in Memory of Joakim Dungel
For the purpose of honouring Joakim’s life and work, the non-profit Association in Memory of Joakim Dungel was founded in 2012. The objective of the Association is to ‘engage in charity to promote engagement, education and dissemination of information in humanitarian law, human rights, international law and democracy issues in accordance with the fundamental values expressed in the United Nations Conventions.’

– The Association shall work to promote those matters relating to human rights and international law that Joakim was passionate about. We hope that the Association together with the University shall help bring Joakim’s work back into the spotlight through organizing the seminar annually as well as raising funds for the benefit of the Association’s purposes, says Erik Ullberg, friend of Joakim and board member of the Association. Today, Erik works as an attorney with Wistrand Law Firm, one of the Association’s sponsors.

– Joakim lectured on human rights at the Universities in Freetown and Hebron. Through the funds raised we wish to enable students from these universities to come to Sweden and visit the Joakim Dungel seminars, says Emilia Dungel.

For further information:
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