Wistrand is one of Sweden’s premier full-service law firms. We assist clients in all aspects of business law from major transactions and complex disputes to ongoing advisory services regarding day-to-day business operations.

Trust is the foundation of our business, and for over a century our goal has always been to safeguard our clients’ interests in the best way possible, thereby earning and retaining clients as their trusted legal advisor.

We achieve this goal by offering a personal approach attaching great importance to dedicated teams and senior representation for each assignment and every question. We aim at creating the conditions for a close and long-term relationship with all our clients by way of our expertise and capacity as a full-service law firm.

Our clients are active in all sectors, including leading Swedish and international companies, municipalities and public sector entities, banks and consulting companies, startups and listed companies.

From our offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, we assist clients throughout Sweden and abroad. In order to meet our clients’ global needs we also work in close cooperation with other reputable law firms not only in the Nordic region but worldwide.


”Folke Wistrand was very much in his own way a giant amongst lawyers. His strong personality encompassed not only his approach to the profession, but also how he practiced the law.”

The Early Years

Wistrand’s history began back in 1915 when two advocates, Hugo Wikström and Folke Sjögren, formed the law firm Wikström & Sjögren opening their first office in Korsgatan in Gothenburg.

Like most law firms at that time they were not specialized, and therefore, it was mainly probate, family law, company law and general civil law that dominated their assignments. However, with ever increasing car ownership in Sweden during the latter part of the 1910s, Wikström & Sjögren started to work with criminal law matters when they signed an agreement with the Royal Automobile Club (KAK) for the purpose of providing legal advice to KAK members who were charged with negligent driving offences. This was no small matter as even the most minor offense was subject to a court hearing, and this weighed heavily upon the courts right up until the 1960s.

Göteborgs Bank was another one of the law firm’s early clients. At this time, banks actively engaged advocates, as they did not have in-house counsel. This was a common arrangement and just as Göteborgs Bank was linked to Wikström & Sjögren, the Scandinaviska Bank was linked to Leman’s law firm and Handelsbanken to Friman & Carlander.

Generations of lawyers
During the years, the firm has nurtured numerous lawyers with many remaining loyal for a considerable time. Folke Sjögren was a partner for 54 years and his son Gösta and his grandson Göran both also worked at Wikström & Sjögren. In addition to the three Sjögren-generations, a countless number of lawyers have made a great impression during their time at the law firm. One of these was Folke Wistrand, who was employed as an associate lawyer in 1954. Two years later he became a partner and in 1969 the law firm changed its name to Sjögren, Hedén & Wistrand. Folke Wistrand was a skilled and dedicated litigator, and worked at the firm until his death at the age of 77.

Entering Stockholm
The law firm has had several names in its history, but in the early 1990s the company name was shortened to Wistrand Advokatbyrå after a merger with the firm Hedborg, Agrell & Elander. In conjunction with this change of name, the business operations were also moved to the newly developed Läppstiftet area at Lilla Bommen 1 in Gothenburg.

In light of the firm’s focus on business law, it became increasingly important to be represented in Stockholm, and in 1994 the advocates Stefan Lindskog and Mårten Hulterström opened the Stockholm office in Kungsgatan, and two associate lawyers were employed. The firm rapidly expanded. In 1999, the Stockholm office moved to new offices in the World Trade Center and in 2007, the current office was opened at 65 Regeringsgatan.

The Present and the Future
Over the last decade, the company has had strong growth, and recruited many new employees making Wistrand Advokatbyrå one of Sweden’s largest law firms today. We are fully committed to our greatest asset – our employees, and five years ago implemented Wistrand Academy to provide for the continuous development of both the individual and the firm in general. We have also appointed a sustainability manager to ensure that we are at the forefront of and with a long-term approach with regard to sustainability matters, whether it relates to human rights, environmental impact, our employees and their workplace or social responsibility.

We are incredibly proud of the trust our clients have put in us for over 100 years, and we look forward to being by their side for another 100, at least.

The Board

Wistrand has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. A Managing Partner who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business is appointed in both offices. Collectively, the two offices appoint a board that manages strategic issues and sets out the overall guidelines for the law firm’s joint activities.

The Board is comprised of the following:

Lars Thunberg
Managing Partner, Gothenburg

Mattias Boqvist
Partner, Gothenburg

Per Dalemo
Partner, Gothenburg

Lars Hasp
Partner, Stockholm

Robert Kullgren
Partner, Stockholm

Fredrik Råsberg
Managing Partner, Stockholm


The expertise of our practice groups and several of our lawyers are annually highlighted in leading international ranking authorities regarding legal services.

Legal 500, EMEA 2019

16 ranked practice areas, 4 leading lawyers, 2 next generation lawyers and 41 recommended lawyers in total.

Ranked in the top-three tiers within Banking & Finance, Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Energy, Environment, IT and Telecoms, Insolvency, Insurance, Intellectual Property and Media, Real Estate, Shipping as well as Tax.

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Chambers Europe, 2019

9 ranked practice areas, and 20  individual rankings as leading legal advisors.

Ranked in the top-three tiers within Dispute Resolution, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment, Real Estate, Restructuring/Insolvency and Tax.

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Chambers Global, 2019

Ranked within practice areas Banking & Finance, Corporate/M&A and Dispute Resolution in Chambers Global. Also ranked within Corporate/M&A, Germany, as  Expertise Based Abroad.

10 individual rankings as leading legal advisors of which one is ranked in Capital Market, as Foreign Expertise in UK and one in Corporate/M&A, Germany, as Expertise Based Abroad.

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Mergermarket, FY 2017

Ranked in 5th place among Swedish law firms with regard to number of deals advised during 2017.

Shortlisted for Sweden M&A Legal Adviser of the Year 2017.

Full report available here.


We strive for a long-term profitable business with a good balance between financial, environmental, and social responsibility. Wistrand’s sustainability work aims to achieve a good balance between these three aspects of our responsibility.

Financial responsibility
We shall generate sustainable profit and secure our financial position both in the short and long term, in balance with our environmental and social responsibility.

Environmental responsibility
We shall take responsibility for operating a business that does not affect our natural resources in a negative way in the long-term.

Social responsibility
We shall take responsibility for operating a business that considers the health and well-being of humans by contributing to a well-functioning society.

We have identified six areas that we focus our sustainability work on. These focus areas are:

Fair business practices
Good business practices ensure we act in an ethical and sustainable manner in our interactions with the outside world. This includes relationships with actors we meet within the scope of our matters (e.g. clients, counterparties, courts and other authorities) but also other actors in our environment (e.g. the Swedish Bar Association, suppliers and competitors). This area includes legal ethics, anti-corruption work, actions against money-laundering and promotion of social responsibility in the value chain.

Diversity and inclusion
All those who are part of a society – regardless of skin color, age, religion, sexuality, gender identity, physical and mental functions, financial conditions, cultural descent and ethnicity – shall have the same opportunities and rights. Wistrand’s work with diversity and inclusion is mainly about taking advantage of many different experiences and knowledge within the scope of our work. A good composition of people with various experiences increases both the efficiency and the quality in the business.

Working conditions
Wistrand’s commitment within this area means continuously striving to create guidelines and work practices related to work within or upon assignment by Wistrand that brings about good working relationships. The work concerns, among other things, occupation and employment conditions, working conditions and social security, work environment and dialogue with representatives for employee and employers’ organizations.

Community commitment and development
We are a part of the society in which we operate. It is only natural for us to strive to contribute our knowledge and experiences in various projects advantageous to society. Wistrand encourages its colleagues to commit to such projects and with the help from its existing connections assume a social responsibility. Exchange with other actors is valuable as it helps them and us to learn and grow. The focus area includes community commitment to education and culture, health, development of and access to technology and social investments.

Our environmental work includes working for a sustainable employment of resources and striving to prevent negative environmental impact.

Human rights
The recognition of, and respect for, human rights is critical for the principles of the rule of law and is the basis for the most important institutions in society, such as the legal system. Our goal is that our business operations shall be permeated by the respect for human rights and freedoms. Respect for these is a prerequisite for sustainability work within all of our focus areas.

For more information about our sustainability work, please contact Ida Dahlborg.



Wistrand is the exclusive Swedish member of The Interlex Group, which is a worldwide association of independent leading law firms. The network connects member firms in 55+ countries.

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Nextlaw Global Referral Network

Wistrand is a member of the international independent network Nextlaw Referral Network, which is founded and operated by global law firm Dentons. The network connects 450+ member firms in 180+ countries.

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Wistrand is the exclusive Swedish member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Association (GALA), which is a leading international network of independent law firms specializing in advertising and marketing law.

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Wistrand is a member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), which is an association of law firms, companies, legal technology providers, start-ups, and individuals in Europe.

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Recycling Gala & Executive Forum

Wistrand is a partner for the Recycling Gala, which is organized by the Recycling magazine in cooperation with the trade organizations Avfall Sverige and Återvinningsindustrierna.

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Wistrand Startup Star

Wistrand Startup Star is an annual business contest that Wistrand has organized since 2012 in cooperation with SEB and several other partners.

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Startup World Cup

Wistrand is a partner for the Swedish competition, organized by Silicon Vikings, to appoint a Swedish representative for the global finals.

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Connect Sweden

Connect Sweden is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to create growth by matching entrepreneurs with skills and capital from the business community. Wistrand is one of the main partners of Connect Region East.

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