Press releases 20 December 2018

Wistrand advise in connection with the sale of the Samgräv-group to Bellman Group

Wistrand, together with the financial advisor Corptrade, assisted the seller in connection with the sale of the Samgräv-group to Bellman Group AB (publ).

Samgräv specializes in the delivery and rental of all types of construction machinery as well as the disposal of surplus mass and recycling of residual materials. For the financial year 2017/18, the company had a turnover of MSEK 221.

Bellman Group consists of Bellmans Åkeri & Entreprenad AB and Grundab Entreprenader i Stockholm AB, both transport companies, Modern Sprängteknik i Norden AB, with subsidiaries Uppländska Bergkrossnings AB, Uppländska Bergborrnings AB and Sprängarbeten i Trönödal AB, which carry out explosion work, and VSM entreprenad AB with subsidiaries. VSM AS, Munthers Specialtransporter AB and VSM Rental AB, which are contracting equipment companies.

As Bellman Group acquires all shares in the company, the seller enters as a new partner in Bellman Group.

The sale is conditional upon the Bellman Group receiving the necessary funding and that the  Swedish Competition Authority makes its approval. Access is expected to occur during the first quarter of 2019.

Wistrands team was lead by Johannes Wårdman (partner, M&A) and primarily included Amy Lindquist (associate, M&A) and Jeanette Jönsson (associate, M&A). Furthermore, Rudolf Laurin (partner, Environment) was in charge of a team consisting of Emilie Steen (senior associate, environment), Erika Tilly (associate, Environment) and Emilia Ohlin (associate, environment) regarding environmental and property law issues, and Tobias Bengtsson (partner, competition law) for competition law issues.

For further information:
Johannes Wårdman, Advokat/Partner
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