Press releases 26 April 2021

Wistrand advises in connection with investment in Litigium Capital

Litigium Capital is a Swedish investment company engaged in litigation funding in the Nordics.

Litigation funding means that a third party funder (such as Litigium Capital) bears the costs for a party in a dispute. In consideration, the funder is entitled to a share of the disputed amount if the case is successful. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its investment.

To enable scalability and further growth Litigium Capital has raised financing from external investors. The investors are Brofund Equityand Feldthusen Invest. Brofund Equity is owned by Johan and Mikael Karlsson being founders of companies such as Neptunia Invest, Slättö and MW Group. Feldthusen Invest is owned by Christian Thiel who is behind companies such as FlexQube and Svensk Tillgångsutveckling.

Litigium Capital was founded by the former attorney-at-law Thony Lindström Härdin and equity research analyst and asset manager Oscar Holm.

Wistrand, through Hendrik Kangasmuukko (Partner), advised the investors.