15 August 2018

Wistrand contributes the Sweden chapter in The Gambling Law Review

In July 2018, the third edition of The Gambling Law Review published was published. This year’s edition provides an insight into the gambling legislation in 26 different jurisdictions, and Wistrand has again contributed the Swedish chapter.

This year’s edition includes trends and news regarding the regulation of the Swedish gaming market, and specifically the new Swedish game regulation that will enter into force on January 1, 2019. The new regulation is based on a licensing system in which all actors on the Swedish gambling market are required to be licensed, and non-licensed actors will be closed out. The regulation will apply to all gambling activities provided in Sweden, including gambling provided over the Internet addressing the Swedish market. Please find an excerpt from the book with the Sweden chapter here.

The book is published by Law Business Research Ltd as part of their publication The Law Reviews. The entire book is available here, where it can also be ordered or downloaded.

Contributing lawyers from Wistrand are Erik Ullberg, Christel Rockström and John Olsson.