5 March 2021

Wistrand is number one in real estate transactions

Wistrand störst på fastighetstransaktioner

Wistrand tops the list of the largest law firms in real estate transactions in 2019/2020. During this period, the volume for Wistrand was SEK 130 billion, which is an increase of 263%.

Annually, the Swedish magazine Fastighetsvärlden publishes a list of the law firms that are largest in real estate transactions market in Sweden. On the latest list, published in early March 2021, Wistrand takes a huge step from sixth place with SEK 49.5 billion last year to this year’s clear first place. The list refers to Q3 2019-Q2 2020.

“We have had a good development in recent years as our real estate teams in Stockholm and Gothenburg have grown at the same time as we have attracted new clients. We believe that it is due to our long-term commitment to provide a full-service concept of legal services in the real estate segment, ”says Tommy Grönberg, head of Wistrand’s real estate group in Stockholm.

The list can be found here.